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Note: The date specified on the left is the date when I added the species to the list and unless otherwise specified, it is also the date when the species was observed.
My apologies but I never did get around to completing the winter list for the 2010/2011 season so here are the species that were reported to me after Jan 8 that I never got around to adding to the list
Nov 29, 2011: Orange-crowned Warbler / Paruline verdâtre St Andrews CBC period (fide Tracey Dean)
  Redhead / Fuligule à tete rouge Grand Bay-Westfield (Allen Gorham - seen Feb 27)
  Snow Goose / Oie des neiges Saint Jacques, Madawaska County (fide Roy LaPointe - seen Feb 27)
Jan 8, 2011: Varied Thrush / Grive à collier Cape Tormentine (Stuart Tingley - seen Jan 7)
  Eastern Meadowlark / Sturnelle des prés Cape Tormentine area (Stuart Tingley - seen Jan 7)
  Boreal Owl / Nyctale de Tengmalm Memramcook (Yolande Leblanc - seen Jan 8)
Jan 5, 2011: Northern Saw-whet Owl / Petite Nyctale Grand Manan CBC (Brian Dalzell - seen Dec 19)
  White-winged Dove / Tourterelle à ailes blanches Lower Coverdale (Chuck Prince - seen Jan 5)
Jan 4, 2011: American Pipit / Pipit d'Amérique Saint John CBC (Jim Wilson - seen Dec 29)
  Tufted Titmouse / Mésange bicolore Mactaquac CBC (Moira Campbell - seen Jan 1)
Dec 26, 2010: Pied-billed Grebe / Grèbe à bec bigarré North Head, Grand Manan (Jim Wilson and Harvey McLeod - seen Dec 19)
  Broad-winged Hawk / Petite Buse Route 1 near St Andrews (Paul Clark - seen Dec 20)
  Nelson’s Sparrow / Bruant de Nelson Quaco Marsh, St Martins CBC (Ted Sears - seen Dec 21)
  American Woodcock / Bécasse d'Amérique St George (Ralph Eldridge - seen Dec 24)
Dec 19, 2010: American Kestrel / Crécerelle d’Amérique Maces Bay, Lepreau CBC (Janet Whitehead, Richard Blacquiere, Harvey MacLeod, Don MacPhail - seen Dec 18)
Dec 18, 2010: Ruddy Turnstone / Tournepierre à collier White Head Island (Roger Burrows)
  American Coot / Foulque d’Amérique Sackville CBC (Greg Campbell, Sandy Burnett, Kate Robinson)
  Wilson's Snipe / Bécassine de Wilson Grand Manan (Brian Dalzell)
  Caspian Tern / Sterne Caspienne (new to winter list) Cape Tormentine CBC (Sandy Burnett, Kyle Wellbran - seen Dec 16)
Dec 15, 2010: Rusty Blackbird / Quiscale rouilleux Lamèque (Emile Ferron - seen Dec 2)
  Black-backed Woodpecker / Pic à dos noir Mechanic Lake (Catherine Johnson - seen on Dec 11)
  American Golden-Plover / Pluvier bronzé (new to winter list) Aulac (Stuart Tingley)
Dec 13, 2010: Gyrfalcon / Faucon gerfaut Pointe-Verte (Roger Guitard)
Dec 12, 2010: Killdeer / Pluvier kildir North Head, Grand Manan (Ken Ingersoll fide Laurie Murison)
  Pine Warbler / Paruline des pins Saint John (Merv Cormier)
  Hoary Redpoll / Sizerin blanchâtre Miscou (Steeve Miousse)
Dec 11, 2010: Palm Warbler / Paruline à couronne rousse Ingalls Head, Grand Manan (Roger Burrows - seen on Dec 10)
  Red Knot / Bécasseau maubèche Ox Head, Grand Manan (Roger Burrows - seen on Dec 10)
  Cedar Waxwing / Jaseur d'Amérique Moncton (Janet MacMillan - reported on Dec 11)
  Fox Sparrow / Bruant fauve Ingalls Head, Grand Manan (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet, Stuart Tingley)
  Gray Catbird / Moqueur chat Deep Cove, Grand Manan (Elaine Maker fide Brian Dalzell - seen on Dec 6)
Dec 9, 2010: Winter Wren / Troglodyte des forêts Red Point, Grand Manan (Roger Burrows)
Dec 8, 2010: Brant / Bernache cravant White Head Island (Roger Burrows)
  Spruce Grouse / Tétras du Canada Dipper Harbour (Merv Cormier & Joanne Savage)
Dec 7, 2010: Snowy Owl / Harfang des neiges Cambridge-Narrows (Howard & Marilyn Erb fide Joyce Robinson - seen on Dec 5)
  Northern Hawk Owl / Chouette épervière Ciquart, north of Edmundston (Martin Turgeon fide Roy Lapointe - seen on Dec 6)
  Cooper's Hawk / Épervier de Cooper St. Leonard (Roy & Charlotte Lapointe)
Dec 5, 2010: Red Crossbill / Bec-croisé des sapins Moncton (Andrew Akerley - seen on Dec 4)
  Wood Duck / Canard branchu Grand-Bay Westfield (Betty & Jim Evans)
  Red-bellied Woodpecker / Pic à ventre roux Grand-Bay Westfield (Betty & Jim Evans)
  Greater Yellowlegs / Grand Chevalier Castalia Marsh, Grand Manan (Roger Burrows)
  Northern Flicker / Pic flamboyant Cap Brule (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet)
  Marsh Wren / Troglodyte des marais Cap Brule (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet, Stuart Tingley)
  Black-and-white Warbler / Paruline noir et blanc Cap Brule (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet, Stuart Tingley)
  Eastern Towhee / Tohi à flancs roux Cap Tormentine (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet, Stuart Tingley)
Dec 4, 2010: Ring-necked Duck / Fuligule à collier Atholville (Irene Doyle - seen on Dec 2)
  Belted Kingfisher / Martin-pêcheur d’Amérique Alderwood (Jolande St-Pierre)
Dec 3, 2010: Northern Shrike / Pie-grièche grise McKee's Mills (Gerry Mazerolle - seen on Dec 2)
  Yellow-breasted Chat / Paruline polyglotte Saint John (Merv Cormier)
  Horned Lark / Alouette hausse-col Dorchester (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet, Stuart Tingley)
  Northern Pintail / Canard pilet Dorchester (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet, Stuart Tingley)
  Ruby-crowned Kinglet / Roitelet à couronne rubis Memramcook (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet, Stuart Tingley)
  Common Yellowthroat / Paruline masquée Johnson's Mills (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet, Stuart Tingley)
  American Robin / Merle d'Amérique Quispamsis (Joanne Savage)
  Peregrine Falcon / Faucon pèlerin Moncton (Ron Arsenault)
  Pomarine Jaeger / Labbe pomarin Bay of Fundy off Grand Manan (Durlan Ingersoll)
  Dovekie / Mergule nain Bay of Fundy off Grand Manan (Durlan Ingersoll)
Other changes and corrections   (Top of page)
Dec 4, 2010: Made changes to the list to reflect the latest taxonomy changes made by the American Ornithologist Union (AOU) including changes to the French names of some species:

  • French name for Winter Wren was changed from "Troglodyte mignon" to "Troglodyte des forêts"
  • Tanagers were placed within the "Cardinals and allies" family and the French name for Tanagers was changed from "Tangara" to "Piranga"
  • Longspurs and snow buntings were removed from the "Towhees and sparrows" family and placed into their own family which appears just before the warblers in the taxonomic order
  • French name for Lapland Longspur was changed from "Bruant lapon" to "Plectrophane lapon"
  • French name for Snow Bunting was changed from "Bruant des neiges" to "Plectrophane des neiges"
Thank you to Roger Leblanc for pointing these out and providing me with the changes.
Nov 21, 2010: Made changed to the NB Winter Bird List table in preparation for the 2010/2011 winter list.