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Note: The date specified on the left is the date when I added the species to the list and unless otherwise specified, it is also the date when the species was observed.
Mar 15, 2010: Carolina Wren / Troglodyte de Caroline Chipman - Minto CBC period (David Christie informed me of this sighting on Mar 15)
Feb 10, 2010: Lark Sparrow / Bruant à joues marron Moncton (Janet MacMillan - first seen on Feb 4)
Feb 6, 2010: Northern Saw-whet Owl / Petite Nyctale Sunny Corner (west of Miramichi), Red Bank / Sunny Corner CBC (Andy Stewart - heard during CBC period)
Jan 12, 2010: Red-bellied Woodpecker / Pic à ventre roux Memramcook (Evelyn LeBlanc - reported on Jan 10 but has been coming to feeders for several weeks)
  Western Meadowlark / Sturnelle de l’Ouest Alma (Doreen Rossiter - Jan 4 to Jan 6)
Note: I added this species based on the fact that photos taken by Nelson Poirier strongly point to this bird being a Western Meadowlark.   This does not actually raise the species total for this winter as there had been an unidentified meadowlark seen earlier in the winter period (I will keep the unidentified meadowlark sp. on the list but it will no longer be counted in this years total because we now have a meadowlark identified to species and the unidentified bird could be of the same species)
Jan 7, 2010: Red Crossbill / Bec-croisé des sapins between Upper Blackville and Blissfield (Leonel Richard)
Jan 5, 2010: Tufted Duck / Fuligule morillon Grand Bay-Westfield, Saint John CBC (Allen Gorham - seen on Dec 27)
  Gyrfalcon / Faucon gerfaut Rockport area, Sackville CBC (Richard Elliot - seen on Dec 19)
  Yellow-breasted Chat / Paruline polyglotte Murray Corner, Cape Tormentine CBC (Colin MacKinnon, Andrew Kennedy, Nic McLellan and Adam Macpherson - seen on Dec 14)
Jan 2, 2010: Brown-headed Cowbird / Vacher à tête brune Riverside-Albert, Riverside-Albert CBC (Nelson Poirier and Jim Edsall - seen on Jan 1)
Dec 29, 2009: Northern Hawk Owl / Chouette épervière Deuxième Sault, Edmundston CBC (Martin Turgeon and Gisèle Thibodeau - seen on Dec 19)
  Snow Goose / Oie des neiges Quispamsis (David Savage - seen on Dec 26)
Dec 24, 2009: Field Sparrow / Bruant des champs Ingall's Head, Grand Manan (Roger Burrows)
Dec 22, 2009: Virginia Rail / Râle de Virginie New Horton (Jennifer and Woody Gillies - seen on Dec 20)
Note: this is a new species for the NB Winter List
Dec 20, 2009: Hermit Thrush / Grive solitaire Inkerman (Frank Branch, Denise Godin, Jolande St-Pierre)
Dec 19, 2009: Dovekie / Mergule nain Grand Manan Ferry, Black's Harbour CBC (Roger Burrows - seen on Dec 18)
  Thick-billed Murre / Guillemot de Brünnich Grand Manan Ferry, Black's Harbour CBC (Roger Burrows - seen on Dec 18)
  Spruce Grouse / Tétras du Canada St George area (Ralph Eldridge - seen on Dec 18)
  Tufted Titmouse / Mésange bicolore Pocologan, Lepreau CBC (Jim Wilson, Merv Cormier, Hank Scarth)
  Brown Thrasher / Moqueur roux New River, Lepreau CBC (Jim Wilson, Merv Cormier, Hank Scarth)
  Ovenbird / Paruline couronnée 'Chance Harbour, Lepreau CBC (Hank Scarth, Richard Blacquiere, Janet Whitehead, Harvey McLeod)
Dec 17, 2009: King Eider / Eider à tête grise seen from White Head Ferry (Roger Burrows)
  Ruby-crowned Kinglet / Roitelet à couronne rubis Saint John (Keith Dewar - present since early Dec 1)
Dec 16, 2009: Savannah Sparrow / Bruant des prés Quaco Marsh, St Martin's CBC (Merv Cormier, Harvey McLeod, Jim Wilson - seen on Dec 14)
Dec 15, 2009: Northern Mockingbird / Moqueur polyglotte Baie Verte (Noreen Spence)
  Northern Fulmar / Fulmar boréal Bay of Fundy (Durlan Ingersoll)
Dec 13, 2009: Broad-winged Hawk / Petite Buse Ox Head, Grand Manan (Roger Burrows - seen on Dec 10)
  Turkey Vulture / Urubu à tête rouge Shediac (Rose-Alma Mallet - seen on Dec 11)
  Cooper's Hawk / Épervier de Cooper St. Leonard (Roy & Charlotte LaPointe - seen on Dec 10)
  Ruddy Turnstone / Tournepierre à collier Cape Tormentine (Norm & Gisèle Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet - seen on Dec 12)
  American Three-toed Woodpecker / Pic à dos rayé Village of Gagetown (Kier Gigeroff - seen on Dec 10)
  additional species added to 2008/2009 winter list, click for details
Dec 9, 2009: Common Redpoll / Sizerin flammé Douglas (Dwayne Sabine - seen on Dec 8)
  Pine Grosbeak / Durbec des sapins Kedgwick (Pat Emond - seen on Dec 8)
  Chipping Sparrow / Bruant familier Moncton (Nelson Poirier - seen on Dec 8)
  Black-backed Woodpecker / Pic à dos noir Mactaquac (Bev Schneider)
  Short-eared Owl / Hibou des marais Tantramar Marsh (Norm & Gisèle Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet)
Dec 8, 2009: Glaucous Gull / Goéland bourgmestre Fredericton (Gilles Belliveau - seen on Dec 7)
  Pied-billed Grebe / Grèbe à bec bigarré Saint John (Merv Cormier)
  Dickcissel / Dickcissel d’Amérique Mount Pleasant (Grant Milroy)
  Wood Duck / Canard branchu Memramcook (Louis-Emile Cormier and Richard Perron)
  Horned Lark / Alouette hausse-col Tantramar Marsh (Louis-Emile Cormier and Richard Perron)
  Lapland Longspur / Bruant lapon Tantramar Marsh (Louis-Emile Cormier and Richard Perron)
  Ruddy Duck / Érismature rousse Saint John (Roger Burrows)
Dec 5, 2009: American Kestrel / Crécerelle d’Amérique Waterside (David Christie and Mary Majka - seen on Dec 4)
  Little Gull / Mouette pygmée Head Harbour Passage (Chris Bartlett - seen Dec 4)
  Black-headed Gull / Mouette rieuse Head Harbour Passage (Chris Bartlett - seen Dec 4)
  Northern Flicker / Pic flamboyant Cap Brule (Stuart Tingley)
  Cedar Waxwing / Jaseur d'Amérique Shediac (Stuart Tingley)
  Evening Grosbeak / Gros-bec errant New Jersey (Dave McLeod)
  Belted Kingfisher / Martin-pêcheur d’Amérique Robichaud (Louis-Emile Cormier and Richard Perron)
Dec 4, 2009: Barred Owl / Chouette rayée Knightville (Jim Brown)
  Yellow-rumped Warbler / Paruline à croupion jaune Petit Cap (Stuart Tingley, Norm & Gisèle Belliveau, Rose-Alma Mallet)
Dec 3, 2009: Great Blue Heron / Grand Héron Val Comeau (Frank Branch & Jolande St-Pierre - seen on Dec 1)
  Snowy Owl / Harfang des neiges Val Comeau (Frank Branch & Jolande St-Pierre - seen on Dec 1)
  Rough-legged Hawk / Buse pattue several locations and observers
  Common Grackle / Quiscale bronzé Cocagne (Louis-Emile Cormier - seen on Dec 1)
Other changes and corrections   (Top of page)
Dec 13, 2009: On Feb 28, 2009, David Christie had sent me an email with some additional winter list birds which were seen during the 2008/2009 Christmas Bird Count period.   I had read the message but must have been busy with something at the time so put it aside to deal with in the next few days and I ended up forgetting all about it.

David's email included a very detailed description and a sketch of an immature Broad-winged Hawk that he and Mary Majka had observed in their yard in early December 2008. He also mentionned that another Broad-winged Hawk was reported during the Cape Tormentine CBC by Greg Campbell and Kate Robinson.

Additionally, his email also included sightings of a Bluebird species seen briefly by Ted Sears during the St Martins CBC but he only saw it from the back and was unable to identify it to species.   There was also a Palm Warbler seen by Sean Blaney during the Sackville CBC and a Mew Gull seen during the Bathurst CBC count period by Roger Guitar, Claudine Roy and John Kowtaluk.

This increases the 2008/2009 winter list total to 166 species.

Nov 29, 2009: Made changed to the NB Winter Bird List table in preparation for the 2008/2009 winter list.
  Corrected Total for winter of 2002/2003 - had 168 listed on the website but the total was actually 160