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Note: The date specified is the date when I added the species to the list, not the date of the observation
Feb 15, 2008: Indigo Bunting / Passerin indigo Sackville (Andrew MacFarlane's feeder - bird was there for much of December)
  Brant / Bernache cravant Machias Seal Island (Ralph Eldridge)
Feb 4, 2008: Black Vulture / Urubu Noir Hampton area (Richard Blacquiere, Harvey McLeod and John Barnstead)
  Western Grebe / Grèbe élégant Brown's Beach near St Martins (Nancy Sears, Ted Sears and Ed Leblanc)
  Golden Eagle / Aigle royal Mary's Point (David Christie)
  Eastern Towhee / Tohi à flancs roux Scotch Settlement (Bev Schneider)
Jan 21, 2008: King Eider / Eider à tête grise Cap Bateau, Lamèque Island (Émile Ferron, Réjean Laforge and Jude Larocque)
  Spotted Sandpiper / Chevalier grivelé Machias Seal Island (Ralph Eldridge)
  Townsend’s Solitaire / Solitaire de Townsend Lamèque (Gérard Benoit)
  Gyrfalcon / Faucon gerfaut St-Jacques (J. Denys Bourque)
  American Coot / Foulque d’Amérique Saint John (Norm & Gisèle Belliveau, Stuart Tingley, Rose-Alma Mallet)
  Tufted Duck / Fuligule morillon Saint John (Gilles Belliveau, Ruth Rogers)
  Redhead / Fuligule à tete rouge Saint John (Gilles Belliveau, Ruth Rogers)
  Snow Goose / Oie des neiges St Leonard (Roy LaPointe)
Dec 30, 2007: American Kestrel / Crécerelle d’Amérique Grand Manan (Merv Cormier)
  Canvasback / Fuligule à dos blanc Saint John (Roger Burrows)
Dec 22, 2007: Northern Fulmar / Fulmar boréal Bay of Fundy (fide Durlan Ingersol)
  removed Brewer's Blackbird / Quiscale de Brewer Based on a message posted by Marcel David on Dec 19, 2007, it would appear that the bird that has been seen since December 1st is actually a Common Grackle. The last confirmed sighting of the Brewer's Blackbird was in late November so I have removed the Brewer's Blackbird from the winter list.
Dec 17, 2007: Clay-colored Sparrow / Bruant des plaines Grand Manan (Brian Dalzell) - I forgot this one in yesterday's udpate
  Northern Pintail / Canard pilet Shediac River (Gilles Bourque)
Dec 16, 2007: Wilson's Snipe / Bécassine de Wilson Grand Manan (Brian Dalzell)
  Northern Saw-whet Owl / Petite Nyctale Grand Manan (Brian Dalzell)
  Winter Wren / Troglodyte mignon Grand Manan (Brian Dalzell)
  American Pipit / Pipit d'Amériqueb Grand Manan (Brian Dalzell)
  Long-eared Owl / Hibou moyen-duc Point Lepreau (Merv Cormier)
  Chipping Sparrow / Bruant familier Dieppe (Norm, Gisèle & Gilles Belliveau)
  Northern Mockingbird / Moqueur polyglotte Shediac (Louis-Émile Cormier, Richard Perron, Donald Pellerin)
Dec 14, 2007: Sanderling / Bécasseau sanderling Grand Manan (Durlan Ingersol)
Dec 12, 2007: Osprey / Balbuzard pêcheur Grand Manan (Laurie Murison)
  Greater Shearwater / Puffin majeur Grand Manan (fide Laurie Murison)
  Pomarine Jaeger / Labbe pomarin Grand Manan off-shore (Durlan Ingersol)
  Yellow-headed Blackbird / Carouge à tête jaune Saint John (Ngaire Nelson)
  Lesser Scaup / Petit Fuligule Saint John (Stuart Tingley & Rose-Alma Mallet)
Dec 9, 2007: Horned Lark / Alouette hausse-col Tantramar Marsh (Normand & Gisèle Belliveau)
  Wood Duck / Canard branchu Saint John (Roger Burrows)
Dec 8, 2007: Savannah Sparrow / Bruant des prés Alderwood, Acadian Peninsula (Jollande St-Pierre - fide Roger Dumaresq)
  Snowy Owl / Harfang des neiges Inkerman area (Jollande St-Pierre - fide Roger Dumaresq)
  American Three-toed Woodpecker / Pic à dos rayé Shippagan (Benoît Hébert & Benoît Lanteigne - fide Roger Dumaresq)
  Black-headed Gull / Mouette rieuse Blacks Harbour (Gilles Belliveau)
Dec 7, 2007: Carolina Wren / Troglodyte de Caroline Fredericton (Don Gibson)
  Hermit Thrush / Grive solitaire Fundy National Park (Karen Townsend)
  White-crowned Sparrow / Bruant à couronne blanche Upper Cape, Westmorland County (Stuart Tingley, Rose-Alma Mallet, Norm & Gisèle Belliveau)
Dec 6, 2007: Thick-billed Murre / Guillemot de Brünnich Maces Bay area (3-5 miles offshore - Ralph Eldridge)
  Atlantic Puffin / Macareux moine Maces Bay area (3-5 miles offshore - Ralph Eldridge)
  Dovekie / Mergule nain Maces Bay area (3-5 miles offshore - Ralph Eldridge)
  Orange-crowned Warbler / Paruline verdatre Saint John (Roger Burrows)
  Western Meadowlark / Sturnelle de l’Ouest Cap Pele (Stuart Tingley & Jean-Marc Cormier)
Dec 5, 2007: Brewer's Blackbird / Quiscale de Brewer Miscou (Marcel David)
  Lesser Black-backed Gull / Goéland brun Saint John (Roger Burrows)
  Common Murre / Guillemot marmette Grand Manan waters (Laurie Murrison)
  Hoary Redpoll / Sizerin blanchâtre Campbellton (Margaret Doyle)
  Rose-breasted Grosbeak / Cardinal à poitrine rose Dalhousie (Mike Lushington)
Dec 4, 2007: White-winged Dove / Tourterelle à ailes blanches Saint John (Merv Cormier)
  Greater White-fronted Goose / Oie rieuse Grand Manan Island (Durlan Ingersoll)
  Black-backed Woodpecker / Pic à dos noir Quispamsis (Jim Wilson)
  Barred Owl / Chouette rayée Quispamsis (Jim Wilson)
Other changes and corrections   (Top of page)
Nov 10, 2007:

In preparation for the 2007/2008 winter list, I've added a column for the 2007/2008 season to the NB Winter Bird List table.

I've also created a new Update Page (this page) for the 2007/2008 season and placed a link to last years Updates (probably of no use to anybody, but I figured I'd leave it there in case anybody wanted to see it)

While preparing my spreadsheet for the 2007/2008 winter (I still use my spreadsheet to calculate all the totals) I noticed that my cumulative totals were off for a few years but all my yearly totals matched the website. That's when I remembered that David Christie had sent me a correction for the winter of 1999/2000. I had included Black-headed Grosbeak for 1999/2000 and he informed me it was actually a Rose-breasted Grosbeak that had been seen that winter. This meant that Rose-breasted Grosbeak was first added to the winter list in the 1999/2000 winter rather than the 2003/2004 winter, increasing the cumulative totals by one from 1999/2000 to 2002/2003 which accounted for the discrepancy.